590 x 420 x 330mm Large Double Wall Box

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Large Double Wall Cardboard Box     


  • Length: 590mm (23.25")
  • Width: 420mm (16.5")
  • Height: 330mm (13")
  • Price per single box


  • Excellent Quality Double Wall rigid cardboard
  • Pre-printed - only used once!
  • Very clean boxes!
  • Printed text on boxes may vary


  • 1-5 boxes: €2.20/box
  • 6-10 boxes: €2.15/box
  • 11-15 boxes: €2.10/box
  • 16-20 boxes: €2.05/box

                             If you require larger quantities, please contact us for a price!


These Double Wall boxes are ideal packing, storage and shipping boxes for heavy and fragile goods. They have excellent resistance to crushing, due to their high specification construction. All our double wall cardboard boxes are made from superior grade TWIN fluted corrugated board ... you will notice the difference!


Our once-used recycled boxes have been used to deliver dry goods to factories (ie packaging materials, bottle caps etc). They therefore may have been pretaped and have some printed text on them, but they are all clean boxes and have been pre-graded. Normally these boxes would have been taken away for shredding, but everybody knows that a cardboard box can be used more than once, and we believe it is the environmentally responsible thing to do!



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590 x 420 x 330mm Large Double Wall Box

590 x 420 x 330mm Large Double Wall Box

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