Grey Poly Mailing Bags (100/pack)

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Christmas 2017

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Grey Poly Mailing Bags



Sizes Available:

     150mm x 225mm + 40mm Lip (Gauge: 45 micron)

     225mm x 313mm + 40mm Lip (Gauge: 50 micron)

     250mm x 350mm + 40mm Lip (Gauge: 50 micron)

     300mm x 400mm + 40mm Lip (Gauge: 55 micron)

     325mm x 475mm + 40mm Lip (Gauge: 55 micron)

     400mm x 525mm + 40mm Lip (Gauge: 55 micron)

     450mm x 550mm + 40mm Lip (Gauge: 55 micron)

     525mm x 600mm + 40mm Lip (Gauge: 55 micron)

     575mm x 700mm + 40mm Lip (Gauge: 55 micron)

     600mm x 900mm + 40mm Lip (Gauge: 55 micron)

Colour: Grey Opaque

Sealing: Permanent Peel&Seal Strip

Brand: Silver Birch



These mailing bags have been designed to provide quality, security and performance that you can trust.

They are manufactured in a three-layer co-extruded film. This film gives the bags strength and, more importantly, makes the film very opaque and non see-through.

The bags come with a 40mm lip and a high-tack permanent self-adhesive strip so once they are sealed, they are sealed!

These grey mailing bags are perfect for sending products by post or courier.

For improved protection wrap goods in bubblewrap before packing!



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Grey Poly Mailing Bags (100/pack)

Grey Poly Mailing Bags (100/pack)

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