It’s still a bit cold outside, but it feels like Spring is around the corner; and you can almost smell the good weather on it’s way!

If you’re considering selling your house this year, then there’s a few things you may need to get done before sticking the “For Sale” sign in the front garden, though.

Here’s a few tips to help you on your way …

front door

Get some Kerb Appeal

The first impression a Buyer will have of their potential new home (hopefully yours!) is the front door and garden. So look critically at the outside of your house. Does the front door need painting? Is the path and/or driveway clear of weeds and free of cracks? Do windowsills and exterior window frames need a lick of paint? Are the plants neat and tidy? It doesn’t take a lot to do a bit of painting, a lick of varnish and some weeding, but it will go a long way to ensuring your home gets a place on the Buyer’s shortlist.

planning permission

Ensure your Saleability

Are you sure you have all the planning certificates for any work you’ve done on the house? You may have had an attic conversion or a small extension, and the builder may have reassured you that no planning permission was needed. But this can sometimes be a bit of a grey area, so make sure that you have all the proper certification. A lack of availability of these certificates can have a more serious effect and may mean a house is unmortgageable to a lot of buyers!

living room

The Wow! Factor

The basic object of buyers coming to view your home is get a feel for the rooms. They need to be able to imagine your house as their home … and they can’t do that with your stamp all over it! So much as you adore your bright orange dining room walls or shocking pick bathroom, you need to start thinking neutral, so a quick lick of magnolia or other neutral colour may be needed. Don’t forget to pack up your personal stuff as well … photos, kid’s drawings and knick knacks may distract Buyers from what they’ve come to see – the house itself!

A few cardboard boxes or vacuum storage bags could be very handy at this stage!


Make a To-Do List!

We know you’d prefer to spend your weekends doing something else. But cracked tiles, grubby paintwork, loose doorhandles and dripping taps WILL NOT sell your house easily! And if a Buyer notices this “minor problems” they may have alarm bells going for possible “major problems” with the house! Best not to give the Buyer any reason to question why this isn’t their perfect new home and get your DIY toolkit out now to fix those little niggles!

Oh, and if you’re considering renovating, don’t! You may be tempted to get a sooper-dooper kitchen installed or a mega bathroom … but what was there before may be perfectly adequate! And you know yourself from moving to your own new home that you’ll want to do it up. So make sure everything that’s currently in the house is in good working order, but don’t spend money if you don’t have to! A Buyer won’t be particularly bothered about that kitchen island – and they’ll be the ones that are (hopefully) living in it!


Cleanliness is next to Godliness!

Put yourself in your Buyer’s shoes. You could live in the most desireable property in the Universe, but if it ain’t clean, it won’t sell! So get your Spring-Cleaning vibes out and scrub for all you’re worth! Start with those cobwebs hanging from the ceiling and don’t stop til you’re on your knees scrubbing the carpet and skirting boards … yes, it may be the first time you’ve ever touched some parts of the house, but you do want to get the best price for your house, don’t you?

smelly pets

Of Course This is a Pet-Free Household!

We know you love Muttly … and Moggie! And we know, despite your best efforts that their personal hygiene is not exactly what it should be! You may not notice it, but doggy smells and cat hairs on the carpets can have Buyers running for the hills.

It’s worth hiring a professional to remove smells and stains from carpets, just in case pet smells have permeated your home. Oh, and remember to get rid of the feeding bowls, kitty litter trays and related paraphrenalia before a viewing. And bring the dog for a walk!


Sell your Show Home!

OK, let’s get real. Real people live in houses. And real people can cause clutter. With the best will in the world, the most minimalistic of homes will have a “chuck it” room or area (oftentimes multiple rooms and areas!).

Time to declutter! Too much stuff will make your home seem small and crowded and will leave Buyers thinking your house lacks storage. Get a few cardboard boxes and pare down your belongings as much as possible. You could even put them in storage until you bring them to your new home.

The whole idea is to sell your fabulous home and lifestyle to the Buyer, so create a space they won’t be able to resist. Don’t forget to turn the “chuck-it” rooms back into something liveable in – a family dining space, or a home office for example.

The sooner the Buyer thinks that you’re Living the Dream in this Dream House, the sooner they’ll want to buy it from you!