Selling your home is just as stressful as buying, especially if you need to do it quickly. You don't want the new house you've fallen in love with to be snapped up by another buyer. So here's a few tips to maximise your chances of a quick sale!

First Impressions Count

The first step is getting prospective buyers through the front door! But they won't come near you if the front of the house is unappealing. So make sure you weed the front garden, mow the lawn and hide the bins out of sight. Give the window frames a lick of paint if they need it; and mend any broken fences or gates. If buyers see a tidy, well-tended, welcoming exterior, they'll be more interested in the interior!

Declutter your Home

Throw out unwanted bits and pieces - give them to charity or put them away in cupboards. But do remember that prospective buyers WILL look in cupboards and wardrobes so they'll need to be tidy - the prospective buyers will need to know that there will be enough room for their own belongings! Alternatively, you could get a head start on the packing and order some packing supplies to tidy things away!

De-personalise your Home

If you want a quick sale, you need to help the prospective buyers visualise themselves living in your home. They don't need reminders that it used to belong to somebody else! So put away family photographs, birthday cards, the kids' drawings and toys etc.

Maximise your Space

Make sure that every room in your house does what is is supposed to do. If you're using a spare bedroom as a study, turn in back into a bedroom. It might seem a bit of a hassle, but some buyers just can't visualise a room that has the wrong type of furniture in it.

Consider your Pets

Just because you have the most adorable dog or cat in the entire universe, a potential buyer won't. If at all possible, take them to a kind neighbour or friend when you have a viewing arranged (and make sure to tidy away the feeding bowls, bedding, scratching posts before the viewing as well!)

Tidy your House

Buyers are easily put off buying a house if it is messy. A child's bedroom is often the worst offender; and some buyers may use this as a way to negotiate a lower price, so make sure everywhere is clean and tidy. Oh, and don't forget the shed or garage - very often a "dumping ground"!

Keep Things to a Minimum

If you have eclectic tastes when it comes to decor, consider that others may not share your taste! Consider removing unusual wall art or give the walls a fresh lick of paint (neutral colours are best!) and see what a difference that will make.

Awaken the Senses

There are certain smells that apparently encourage positive feelings so it's worth using them in your home. Fresh fragrant flowers are a winner; and if you can, a pot of freshly brewed coffee enhances a "homey" atmosphere.

Offer Insights about your Neighbourhood

Describe the local area to potential buyers - where are the nearest pubs or parks etc. Even details such as the nearest supermarket or the closest/best nearby takeaway could swing the decision for a buyer!

Good luck!